Designer Oona Ritari with El Doble bag


”I design for people who take dressing up as a wonderful opportunity. Fashion and design doesn´t have to be serious, even though I take my work seriously.”

I am a Finnish footwear designer. My backround as a professional dancer and hairstylist have been filled with movement, shapes and colors. Therefore as a designer I am constantly looking for new combinations, lines and textures. I highly value the right body posture, how the carried weight divides, the positioning and hight of heels, comfort of the feet,..not to forget the natural materials. Every item has to have its purpose, quality rather than quantity.

Living and working abroad especially in Cuba and East Africa have influenced my sense of aesthetics and the way I work. Having the production chain in 5 different countries has certainly some challenges but I believe in spreading the good, and the whole journey itself is often as fascinating as the end result.

My mission is to create beautifully designed products of fine quality and comfortable to wear.

Oona Ritari

Designer and CEO, Mioona