Designer Oona Ritari with El Doble bag

About Mioona

”Have the guts to express your true self”

Mioona focuses on modern urban design and unexpected material combinations using traditional handmade techniques and natural renewable materials .

Those have been the core ideas of Mioona since the beginning.

Mioona shoes have a twist of playfulness combining geometric heel shapes with patterned upper materials. The uppers are made of different weaved, hair-on printed, suede, or top-grain leather combinations. Most importantly, Mioona boots are not glued. Instead, the soles are stitched through honouring the traditional shoe making techniques. 

Inspiration for the El Doble bag came from water carriers and saddle bags. El Doble bag is a stylish modern substitute for a backpack made of vegetable-tanned leather. 

Most of the products are made in Portugal in small family owned factories.  Mioona is also collaborating with companies and craftsmen in East Africa developing materials and products from renewable natural resources. Fisu sneakers are made of Nile Perch fish skin leather. Sustainability is an important issue for Mioona.


My name is Oona Ritari and I was born and raised in Finland.  The first edition of Mioona was born in 2013 while still being a degree design student. Back then I did make all the products at a tiny collective workshop in Helsinki. Mioona Design Ltd was founded in 2018 when the production was partially outsourced. Mioona is still more or less a one-woman show.

I did my first career as a professional dancer. That is why I highly value the right body posture, how the carried weight divides, the positioning and height of heels, not to forget the comfort of the feet. I don’t believe in fast fashion, my items are designed to last. 

Living and working abroad, especially in Cuba and  African countries has influenced my sense of aesthetics and the way I work. That has also been the foundation of my collections. In my opinion fashion doesn’t have to be so serious, life is too short to go around dressed in all black.

Dividing the production process into five different countries certainly brings some challenges, but I believe in spreading the good. The journey itself is often as fascinating as the result.


Oona Ritari

Designer and CEO, Mioona