Terms of delivery

Valid as of 1 November 2018


Enterprise: Mioona Design Ltd

Business ID: FI29140824 

Email address: info@mioona.fi

Telephone number: +358 503300983

These terms of delivery equal the Mioona online store’s terms of contract between Mioona and private consumers. Mioona online store welcomes all consumers aged 18 or over. Corporate customers are advised to contact info@mioona.fi. All products must be ordered through the Mioona online store’s shopping cart. When placing an order, the customers must submit their name, address, e-mail address, and a telephone number which can receive text messages. The customer is responsible for submitting correct and complete 

contact and order details on the order form. Notices of arrival are sent as a text message to the telephone number submitted by the customer. These terms of contract bind the ordering customer when he or she ticks the “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions” box in the online store. Because Mioona’s products are unique, their colours may differ slightly from the images in the online store.


The prices which are valid at the time of placing an order apply. The prices include a current VAT. A tax specification is available in the shopping cart and in the confirmation of order. The prices are valid until further notice or during a period specified in the product information available in the online store. The prices include postage and packing for a regular method of delivery. If the customer requires express delivery or another more expensive method of delivery, he or she is responsible for the additional costs of delivery. 

Mioona reserves the right to change its prices. If a faulty indication of price deviates from the actual price to such an extent that the customer should have understood that the price indication was faulty, the faulty indication of price does not bind Mioona.


When the customer’s order has been accepted and paid, we will first send him or her a notification of order and then a confirmation of order, which includes the order details and instructions about the right of cancellation. 

Mioona reserves the right not to accept orders for valid reasons.


We dispatch products on all business days. Depending on bank connections, we will dispatch your order in 1 to 3 business days after it was placed. Exceptions in delivery schedules will be announced on Mioona’s Facebook page and sent directly to customers awaiting an order.


We deliver orders packaged; the delivery can be tracked with a tracking code.


In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, consumers are entitled to cancel their orders within 14 days after receipt of ordered goods. The right of cancellation only applies to consumers who are residents of Finland. 

To be entitled to a refund, customers are required to keep the goods intact and undiminished. In the same way as in a physical store, customers can open or unpackage the goods to check their features and functionality and to take a closer look at them without losing their right to cancellation. The packaging is part of the product; handle and open it with care so that you can return the products in their original packaging. 

If the customer takes the goods into use, he or she is responsible for the goods’ decrease in value. If the goods are essentially changed or diminished, the vendor has the right to charge a sum corresponding to the decrease in value from the customer. If the goods have become unsalable because of use, the vendor can refuse to refund the sum paid by the customer. We recommend to use the return label. You will find the return label in the package except for orders shipped by Schenker. Then you just return the package to that same collecting point. The goods must be packaged so that they do not become damaged during transport. The goods can be returned by post, and the customer is advised to request a receipt to prove the return. Mioona does not accept COD returns.

Return address: 

Mioona Design Oy

Vinsentinkatu 5 C 35, 00540 Helsinki, Finland 


An order is cancelled by notifying the vendor about the cancellation by email info@mioona.fi . The goods must be submitted for transport by post within 14 days of the cancellation notification at the latest. 

Returning the goods or leaving them uncollected in the post office is not a cancellation. An uncollected package is a cause for a handling charge of €15. The customer is responsible for establishing that he or she has cancelled the order in due course. Mioona can also be notified of a cancellation by email if the goods have not yet been dispatched.


We will refund the price paid for the goods within 14 days of receiving the notification of cancellation at the latest. We have the right to withhold the refund until the returned goods have arrived or the customer has established that the goods have been returned with, for example, a return receipt. 

We will refund the payment using the same payment method the customer used for the original order.


If goods are lost during transport, if they are defective or if the customer receives the wrong item, the customer shall notify us about the error by e-mail or letter. To accelerate the process, we encourage you to notify us about an erroneous delivery or defective product as soon as possible. The 14-day right of cancellation period for distance selling does not prevent you from lodging a complaint about a defect after the 14-day period. If the package is damaged in post, a complaint must be lodged to the post office as well. 

If the consumer receives a defective or wrong item, Mioona is responsible for the error in accordance with consumer protection legislation. Mioona is responsible for a defective item’s return charges and other compelling obligations in accordance with consumer protection legislation. 


Mioona is not responsible for defects, delays or other breaches of contract caused by unforeseeable circumstances that prevent Mioona from fulfilling a contract. In a case of such delay, Mioona will fulfil its obligations as soon as possible after first contacting the customer to ensure that the customer still wants to receive the item in question.


Contracts between Mioona and its customers are governed by Finnish law. If a dispute cannot be settled through negotiations between the two parties, the consumer can take the matter to be settled by the Consumer Disputes Board (www.kuluttajariita.fi). Before taking the case to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer must contact Consumer Advisory Services (www.kuluttajaneuvonta.fi). 


The customers’ data are saved in Mioona’s customer register and used for managing the customer relationship. A data privacy notice in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulations is available at https://www.mioona.fi/tietosuojalauseke/ 

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